Sunday, April 02, 2006

March Re-cap

Traveling makes resolution-keeping so easy! When you’re in a different city it’s impossible not to go to go to new restaurants or take in culturally-enriching events. I’ll have to keep that in mind for future months…

Restaurant(s): Piccolo, Pastis, Pipa, Babbo, Waverly Restaurant…among many other NYC dining establishments

Culturally-Enriching Event: NYC! More specifically, the Museum of Natural History. (where, incidentally, I was lost for several hours. All I wanted to see was the stegosaurus…but it was a long trek through the Mollusks of New York State exhibit…)

Recipe: uhhh… I forgot.

Book: Lonely Planet’s guide to New York City? I did read it several, several times.

I know that doesn’t count. In fact, I’ve been carrying “The Alchemist” in my briefcase for the past few weeks now – it’s even been back and forth to New York. But for some reason, I get anywhere from 60-80 pages into it and I stop. I’ve tried reading it from the beginning twice now. I just can’t finish it. I don’t know…maybe I’m not ready for inner peace. Maybe I’m not ready to admit to myself that I’m leading a life that isn’t (or at least doesn’t feel like) my own. But then again, that’s a lot to project onto a book. Maybe I shouldn’t think about it as hard as I do? Maybe it’s not even that good of a book and my subconscious is telling me to quit reading? Maybe self-realization is for suckers?

Or maybe I’m just making excuses. My punishment (which really isn’t punishment at all): two books in April.

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