Thursday, April 06, 2006

Have you met Lou?

Tucked in the corner of a strip center between a Laundromat and what is (most likely) a “den of sin” advertising Thai Massage for $35, is Lou. It took me 15 minutes and three laps around the block to find it, but once I did I definitely felt as if I’d stumbled upon something extraordinary. Lou feels like a secret club for people who like wine, cheese and salami.

Lou’s website claims that they have 25 wines by the glass, but I only counted 24. I’ll forgive them, because every wine they offer by the glass, they also offer by the bottle. (And vice versa.) In addition, they have $12 flights and an almond and olives appetizer that rendered my gastronomically-minded dining partner speechless.

We ordered most everything available and were mostly pleased with both the well-edited menu and the quality of the items. In addition to the almonds and olives, we also had a selection of crostini, the mixed cheese and salami plate, macaroni and cheese and the newest sensation in gluttony: pig candy.

Pig candy is amazing. I don’t understand why no one ever thought of maple-glazing bacon before. It’s like candy…but made from pigs…its pig candy.

Our only disappointment was the macaroni and cheese. It was dry, flavorless and an utter waste of elbow pasta. However, the staff was very accommodating and sent it back for us without even attempting to defend the kitchen. The replacement mac & cheese was not much better, but I do appreciate the effort.

Grand Total: $90.93 for two, but that included SIX glasses of wine.

In summary, if you can find it, you’re more than welcome to have dinner with Lou.

724 N. Vine St. (one block north of Melrose)
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Scandanasian said...

Six glasses!!! I wouldn't expect any less from you ;)

briana said...

Um, I think we should go back tonight. And I finally figured out what the secret was in the rich, dark slices of (Salumi) salami that you were so fond of. Mole! That's right, babe, chocolate & pork - nothing so wrong was ever so right.
(Except maybe the pig candy, which is up there with Matzoh Crack).