Friday, May 05, 2006

April Re-cap

Restaurant(s): Lilly’s, Lou, Malo

Book: The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I know I said I’d read two books this month, but I got busy!

Culturally-Enriching Event(s): Although I bailed on Create:Fixate and slept through the Brewery Artwalk, I did manage to make it to the Brentwood Artwalk and the LA Times Festival of Books. And I’ve got the gnarly sunburn to prove it!

Recipe: A simple act of culinary MacGyver-ism, not once by twice. I made beet-stuffed ravioli with sage brown butter sauce. My newest food obsession? The wondrous wonton wrapper. It’s amazing what they can do. I also really enjoyed this braised cabbage recipe from Orangette. While more time-consuming than I normally have the patience for, it lasted the whole week in the fridge and really rounded out some nutritionally-pathetic dinners.

NEW CATEGORY: My sister informed me that we’re behind the pop culture times and the fact that we haven’t seen a movie in a theater in months is entirely unacceptable. So we’re going to attempt to see a movie a month. We started with a good one, an especially good one if you dislike Katie Holmes and enjoy watching people treate her like a slut: "Thank You for Smoking."

Now accepting any and all suggestions for May…


briana said...

In May you are having dinner with me at Lucques (I hope). We will make this happen, oh yes we will.

In June, your cultural event will be taken care of as I need you for my date to the KCRW Angel Party (yes, I have that kind of cash to throw around) on Wednesday June 7th at MoCA for a private showing of the Robert Rauschenberg retrospective... Consider yourself warned.

christianne said...

I'm in! I will totally whore myself out for you!

By the way, soooo looking forward to dinner at Lucques. I think I have a crush on Ms. Goin too.

briana said...

She had me at "caul fat".

Lindsay G. said...

I believe seeing an amazing documentary on Global Warming AND John Mayer perform all in one night is definately considered culturally enriching!