Thursday, January 18, 2007


“They” say that the way you wake up on New Year’s Day is indicative of how the whole year will go. For every January 1 of my adult life that I can remember (and every New Year’s Eve that I can’t) I’ve awoken with a hangover tantamount to a pile-driver boring a hole in my skull. Every year I’ve swallowed my own personal Breakfast of Champions – three candy-coated Advil and a glass of water and walked into that year with my hopes high and the sour taste of bile lapping at the back of my throat.

But this year…this year… This year I woke up well-rested after a lengthy, romantic meal in front of the fire with the man I love.

No Jell-O shots.

No mysterious phone calls in (or out) of my cell phone.

No sequins, sparkly eyeshadow nor fake eyelashes.

And you know what? I am sooooo over 2007.

I had big plans when originally composing my 2007 blog manifesto. I was going to jovially count up my 2006 accomplishments in a manner not unlike Bridget Jones. Optimism, enthusiasm and excitement were going to jump off the screen and smack you readers right upside the head. Oh, it was going to be inspiring! You were going to love it!

A lot of things went right in 2006: I proved myself professionally, saw cities I’d never seen before and met a great guy. It was all sunshine and puppies for awhile, but after a holiday season full of cranky customers, long hours and chapped lips I would have kicked any puppy that crossed my path. Compiled with just a few short weeks of visiting family members brimming with snarky comments and poof! Like ex-lovers, bad shrimp and cropped leggings – the bitterness is back.

So, what’s a gal to do? Here’s my plan:

1) I will make, and document, 52 recipes in 2007. (Who do you think I am, Julie Powell?)
2) I will read the 5 ½ books I didn’t read in 2006.
3) I will take a class of some sort that is purely for my own personal benefit, and is not work-related in any way.

And I will, once again, try to be a better, bitter blonde.


wheresmymind said...

No eye sparkle nor jello shots?? What sorta fun is that??? *grin*

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, goody two-shoes... I find it hard to believe this is the same lady who's blog I've been reading and there weren't a few bottles gone through?

Garrett said...

Where are these recipes? I demand all 52 now.

Ulla said...

I am looking forward to the recipes! it is easier then you think, once you get the template going and stuff it because pretty easy, my first recipe got me so stressed because I had no idea what the measurements were. Now I cook with a small notebook and with measuring spoons.;)

Clo said...

Sounds like a good plan for yourself! I can't wait to see all 52 recipes and get good book reviews!!

Hope to see you soon!

christianne said...

WMM: Trust me, a NYE without jell-o shots is still lots of fun!

Anonymous: Ok, maybe 1 bottle of wine. Half.

Garrett: I'm working on it! Promise!

Ulla: I think you're right...though I still do like to describe my measurements a little more descriptively, even if not accurate. Who doesn't know what a "splash" of red wine vinegar is? :)

Clo: I'll feed you soon... :)

ladylinoleum said...

In my book bitterness is blissfulness. You rock and hell, anytime you want to go drinking and shoe shopping, I'm there. I excel at both of those endeavors. Really though, I'm serious. Anytime.