Sunday, September 24, 2006

August Re-cap

I’m a basket case. It’s practically October and I’m just now getting around to my August re-cap. And can we please not address the fact that I went on a gorgeous, decadent trip to Europe and didn’t even bother to write one, single short little blog entry about it? I’ve got stacks of notes all over my desk at work, and a disposable camera still waiting to be developed, and I just can’t seem to get it together.

New Restaurants:

Cute little French places:

Cute little Italian places: (yes, that is a cat!)

Not so cute American airport places:
Chili’s To-Go – JFK International Airport
Chili’s To-Go – Atlanta International Airport

Cultural Event:

Nice, France!

Sori, Italy!

Knoxville, Tennessee! (emergency re-fueling, we weren't allowed off the plane!)

I think I saw something on the plane…but the sleeping pills I took may not have helped me remember it.

Uh, yeah…. No. But I did pick up a lot of Italian cooking magazines.

Cook? Who has time?

This is pitiful….August was quite possibly the best month of 2006 to date and this is the worst re-cap imaginable! But at least it has pictures…


Ulla said...

What fun! Your trip looked amazing!

wheresmymind said...

Great pix...better late than never :)

shewannabecool said...

Ok, not to nit-pick but I too have recently travelled to Europe via JFK and I feel like there were better options than Chili's to-go. Au Bon Pain for instance, or Sbarro!

Jules said...

i am ten kinds of jealous of you right now. ;)